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Shellfish are invertebrates which are the most common creatures on the planet and yet, when it comes to welfare and compassion, they are at the bottom of the pile.

We therefore decided to take on the problems of shellfish, which are eaten as a 'delicacy' and are treated simply as 'fruits of the sea'!

But they are not apples, or oranges; they are living, breathing creatures with their own needs and capabilities. Who have a captivating beauty all their own. So we aim to:

1 - Increase public awareness of the fact that shellfish are living creatures capable of experiencing pain, stress and pleasure.
2 - Stop the cruelty involved in, and eventually to bring an end to, the slaughter of shellfish for human consumption and other abuses.

Updated: March 2, 2012

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Feb 2009 - New Fund raising page.
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6th March 2009 - We have just received the sad news that the Network founder, Joe Solomon, died on Wednesday, 4th March.
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27th January 2011 - New, full colour Shellfish Network 'The Healthy Option' (A5) leaflet.
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