About Shellfish Network

Fact Sheets - Introduction

We have produced these informative fact sheets, you may view them on-line or download them in either MS Word format or Adobe pdf format, which you can view with a small free program (Adobe Reader), if you don't have it already installed on your computer.


View fact sheets below on-line

as pdf file
as Word file
Sheet 1 - Description of Shellfish types
Sheet 2 - Methods of trapping
Sheet 3 - Methods of transport & storage
Sheet 4 - Killing of Shellfish for human consumption
Sheet 5 - Shellfish 'farming'
Sheet 6 - Diseases of Shellfish
Sheet 7 - Legal requirements - an article from Julie Roxburgh
Sheet 8 - List of Shellfish types

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Lobster medics

Scientists have found that social lobsters are skilled marine medics with the ability to diagnose sickness in their neighbours. They not only detect a virus before it produces any symptoms, but also quarantine those infected.
- Aberdeen Press & Journal 25.05.06

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